New Year, New Business, New Life!

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Starting a new business is exciting because it represents a new path for your life and new hopes of living the kind of life that owning a business provides. It is exciting, too, because no one but you has the right to decide when and how much you work. For most people, having that kind of control over their lives is the stuff of dreams. While owning a successful business is perhaps one of the most gratifying personal accomplishments one could have, navigating the path to get there is daunting. The intent is not to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, but rather, to encourage you to take the time to learn the steps necessary to ensure that your path is the straightest path to success.

What is it that you do?

Before you start the business, a clear understanding of what you do is essential. Knowing what you “do” helps to keep you on track. Can you describe to someone in one sentence, what you do? How does what you do affect other people? The idea is to create your very own personal statement. Some call it their “elevator speech.” A personal statement clearly and succinctly describes what you do, and the benefits that result from doing it. You can also use your personal statement as a source of inspiration whenever you need to refocus.

The new year that’s upon us appears to hold much promise for new business ventures! There seems to be a new sense of purpose and more optimism going forward which may help ignite more enthusiasm to keep things moving forward.

Treat your business like a business!

Discipline should be the main ingredient to your success in this new year, but the lack of it might cause you to “spin your wheels,” so to speak. Discipline means to learn and to consistently work to reach your business goals by focusing on finishing one step before taking the next. Effective management is at the core of any successful business. All of us have twenty-four hours in a single day. What we choose to do during that time determines when, or if, we reach our goals.

It is not enough to say what our plans are without following through on our plans with action. However, action must be thought out beforehand, and not done haphazardly. Part of goal setting is the act of writing them down or committing them to paper. The next step is planning to reach the goals. Reasonable and accountable steps toward reaching a goal within a certain timeframe significantly increase the likelihood that the goal becomes a reality.

Stay true to your personal statement

No statement has the power to move your business in the right direction more than your personal statement. Your personal statement commits you to success and forces you to stay focused on creating a winning formula for your business. Without a statement of your purpose, nothing else you do has the power to move you closer to your goals. The passion, commitment, and purpose that you bring to your business creates the straightest path to success.

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