Social Media as a Business Advertising Tool


You hear the constant buzz about social media for a reason: When handled effectively, these accounts can work as promotional tools for your business. If you’ve been slow to jump into the social media game or think that you’re too busy with other tasks during the day, here are some reasons to find time.

Personal Connections

You’ve probably heard the phrase that business is personal now. Social media has helped intensify that perception. Through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can achieve the following in a matter of moments:

  1. Post photos of key staff members to form a “real person” connection

  2. Ask for feedback from customers to encourage interaction

  3. Share news about daily specials or other discounts

Additional Advantages

When you participate on social media consistently, you will enjoy many other benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Forming bonds with colleagues

  2. Expanding your network

  3. Learning about industry opportunities

Although you may not see an immediate or obvious impact from social media, regular activity will begin to percolate and spread. Before you know it, a franchisor or franchisee from across the globe may express interest in your business!

Tips for Consistent Social Media Posts

Do you feel like you can’t squeeze in one more obligation during your hectic day? If planned properly, social media doesn’t need to consume hours of your time. Here are some tips to remain active on a weekly basis:

  1. Designate a half hour or hour at the beginning or end of your day to post updates.

  2. Keep a notebook near your computer to jot down points of greatest interest.

  3. Think strategically about your posts, so they establish you as an authority in your field.

As you provide helpful information for followers and form connections, you will see a positive impact on your business. To continue the conversation, connect with us on social media now!




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